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Сентябрь 29, 2018 год
Иллюстрация: Эдвард Мунк
Введение в Проклятие
Введение в Проклятие
Will you follow us when our path will be uncertain? And our arms too week to hold you up will you follow us? Even if your breath is slow and your feet are too wounded to cross these peaks Can you see it now? Can you feel our tongues run over your tortured back? We are the children of the black light Will you follow us? but now it’s too late to caress him When His heart is martyred by your betrayal and ignored by your ingratitude Bent on his tears, bent on his torments those he’ll never donate to you Each word of ours will be forgotten, each word of ours will be condemned We are the children of the black light Let me lick the black sun in your mouth Let me fall in your black...
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